Uncivilized Profits

How Trump Won The Election and How you can make money doing the same thing | taught by Glendon Cameron
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Glendon Cameron
Glendon Cameron
CHO ( Chief Hustler in Office) of Hustler's Kung Fu

About the Instructor

Hey there

If you are here you want to make more money and improve your life.  I get it and I understand you. 

I use to be you!

A working stiff that never had enough money to make ends meet. This was 20 years ago. The information in these courses is the " exact" training, mindset and tactics I use to escape Broke Dick Danny Status.

With over 19 of years sales, marketing, business foundation and sales process training I have the information and the training to move your business from where it is today to something you will be very proud of in your life!

I have created well over 2700 videos for Youtube and authored 28 books and many courses about the subjects of entrepreneurship, mindset and online marketing.

Trump won.

No, I didn’t vote for him.

People are freaking out and feeling uncertain about the future. They don’t need to if they have a plan.

The truth about the election is that Trump found his audience and told them what they wanted to hear. Then he was rewarded by being elected as President, against all odds.

There are business lessons worth learning from this election, about finding a hungry audience and speaking to them in a language they understand.

Uncivilized Profits answers your most urgent business questions:

  • What is the best audience for me to serve to make money?
  • How can I profit in such uncertain times?
  • How can I reach my “hungry audience?”
  • How do I analyze an audience for business purposes?

Find out why:

  • The key to wealth is not in the product or service you offer, but about something else
  • Customer “needs” take a backseat every time to a different emotional factor you must address
  • You work hard and still do not get ahead
  • Propaganda works in both politics and business to shape results
  • The new business order is changing and you must embrace it
  • The real reason Trump beat Hillary and how that knowledge can propel your business to success

What Uncivilized Profits will do for you:

  • Provide proven business strategies that work all the time for everyone in any economy
  • Provide a business vehicle for financial success so you do not have to tie your security to another person’s business or the President in office
  • Explain basic consumer psychology that always works to predict sales performance
  • Provide universal principles and explain how to apply them to any business to succeed today

Uncivilized Profits success requires:

  • No specialized skill set
  • No educational degree
  • No large capital expenditures
  • No established business, start-ups welcome

Change your life and secure your future now employing the proven secrets to success in this course.

Course Contents

5 Videos
5 Texts