The $25 Dollar Hustle

Flip Stack Flip Cashout | taught by Glendon Cameron
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Glendon Cameron
Glendon Cameron
Founder of Hustler's Kung Fu

About the Instructor

Author, Videographer, Entrepreneur

With over 17 of years sales, marketing, business foundation and sales process training under his belt, Glendon has the information and the training to move your business from where it is today to something you will be very proud of in your life!

Glendon has created well over 2500 video for Youtube and has authored 28 books and over 30 courses about the subjects of entrepreneurship, mindset and online marketing.

If you are searching for a permanent answer, a proven system to make money with as little as $25 to start, then you are in the right place.

How do I know? I did it myself.

Through trial and error, I learned and succeeded in the resale hustle, after many dark days and uncertain times of wondering how I would ever get ahead.

The only difference between you and me is that I now know exactly how to succeed in the resale game.

It’s true. Information is power. I learned through experience. I failed a lot, until I learned about the simple strategies that make all the difference.

I learned the secret to success in resale.

The only difference between a successful hustle and an unsuccessful hustle is a proven plan that works.

What this Resale Game Plan IS:

  • A proven, step by step way to succeed in the resale world
  • A system that works anywhere, anytime and for anyone willing to follow the steps
  • A system based on basic strategies you can use the rest of your life to always succeed
  • A practical and down-to-earth plan that requires no special skill sets or education
  • An independent plan that does not depend on a company partnership that will change over time, leaving you in a powerless position with decreasing margins and rule changes

(Hint: I’m talking about EBay and Amazon and other companies that make the rules if you let them)

  • A time-tested plan that worked yesterday, works today and will work tomorrow

What this Resale Game Plan IS NOT:

  • This plan does not require you to borrow money or spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get started
  • This plan is not difficult and does not require specific technical skills
  • This basic plan will NEVER become obsolete based on societal technological changes
  • This plan is not dependent on another company like EBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook
  • This game plan is not a system that will work in some locations and not others
  • This game plan is independent of who is President or how the economy is performing

There is no longer any reason to continue worrying about how to make it in a world that is constantly changing the rules.

Products will ALWAYS be bought and sold for a profit. While the products may change with demand and supply, this proven game plan will ALWAYS work for anyone, anywhere.

Buy the $25 Dollar Hustle Today to begin making money on the side!

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