The Hustler's Mindset Pimping your Mind for Success VOL 3 - Primal Drive


How to turn it on and how to profit from it | taught by Glendon Cameron
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Glendon Cameron
Glendon Cameron
CHO ( Chief Hustler in Office) of Hustler's Kung Fu

About the Instructor

Hey there

If you are here you want to make more money and improve your life.  I get it and I understand you. 

I use to be you!

A working stiff that never had enough money to make ends meet. This was 20 years ago. The information in these courses is the " exact" training, mindset and tactics I use to escape Broke Dick Danny Status.

With over 19 of years sales, marketing, business foundation and sales process training I have the information and the training to move your business from where it is today to something you will be very proud of in your life!

I have created well over 2700 videos for Youtube and authored 28 books and many courses about the subjects of entrepreneurship, mindset and online marketing.

The Hustler's Mindset Pimping Your Mind for Success VOL 3 - PRIMAL DRIVE is a directive and exploration in the biological imperative that drives men.

Left unattended the biological imperative will be the ruin of many men.

Once you learn what it is and how to tame it, guide it and exploit it for personal gain you will not only be in the driver's seat with women, you will own your life!

In that is freedom of thought, freedom of movement and freedom of self -expression. 

With this is place you can be your authentic self and win in the game of life, love, and business.

Course Contents

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